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Have had my Citori D`oll dressage saddle for a few months now and am absolutely delighted with it. My 16 y o TB is happier and more co operative than with his previous GP . My instructor has commented that he is moving better than before, and it is good for me also as it is the correct fit for me as well and puts me naturally in a better position. It`s also very comfortable out hacking and trail riding . Thanks, Anthea, for your help and support :-)

liz4548(268268 positive feedback)Address Verified May 2013 Sun 09 Mar

thank you so much anthea for my dressage saddle I love it so much has made returning to riding that so much better it has improved my riding a lot and fits my boy so well I have also ordered a eventing saddle cant wait for it to arrive and I can start jumping again anthea has a huge knowledge of the horses back my horse has uneven muscles I did not no until she pointed out so thank you again if you are in the market for a new saddle I would highly recommend :)

tartass(273273 positive feedback) Sat 10 Aug

Anthea’s amazing awesome to deal with, so knowledgable great at trouble shooting she provides a top service, and great backup service as well you can’t go wrong!

dees13(141141 positive feedback) Mon 15 Jul

My EXTREMELY wide and dippy-backed andalusian x stationbred finally has a dressage saddle that fits (him and me)! After years of ill-fitting saddles Anthea and Citori came to the rescue! It has required a lot of effort on the part of both Anthea and Graeme (saddler) to get the perfect fit, including fitting new panels to mould to the dip and about 3 repacks and numerous re-assessments at no extra cost. I now have a horse with even muscling on his back too. I cannot recommend Anthea more highly.

simone-warren(9898 positive feedback)Address Verified Jan 2013 Sun 14 Jul

I purchased a beautiful Fenmore Koru dressage saddle 18months ago. This saddle has improved my position and most pleasingly the muscle wasting my mare had has vanished with such a super fit. Was so impressed with Anthea’s knowledge i have since purchased a Citori jump/event saddle which makes me feel super secure and my sensitive mare is jumping with ease.

dglossop(444444 positive feedback)Address Verified Jan 2013 Fri 12 Jul

Anthea is absolutely brilliant! Very knowledgeable, experienced and a lovely person. I highly recommend her.

richard508(4242 positive feedback) Thu 09 May

Anthea was fantastic to deal with. She brought the saddle down to us within a few days and gave us lots of really good advice on the fitting. My daughter is really happy with the saddle and can’t wait to do her first competition with it. Angela

desertponies(2323 positive feedback) Thu 11 Apr

Anthea is top notch in her advice and knowledge of saddles and horses. She gives a lot every time she visits, is always on time, and cares about our progress. I’d thoroughly recommend her and the Citori saddle is perfect.

sooty130(1717 positive feedback) Mon 08 Apr

A friend put us in touch with Citori when we were having a nightmare trying to find a saddle to fit our ponies. Anthea has been fantastic in helping to get a fit that works for both ponies and rider. Great follow up service as well!!! Highly recommended!!!

red.herring(1515 positive feedback) Fri 05 Apr

I can’t recommend Anthea highly enough. Her professionalism, knowledge and genuine caring about me and my horse have been invaluable. Thank you Anthea, for a happy horse and great saddle

ozfarm977(4848 positive feedback) Thu 04 Apr

Can’t fault Anthea’s service!Very knowledgeable and clear in communicating that knowledge to a novice rider.Good communication when organising the appointment, as she tries to accommodate everyone and make things work.Turned up when she said she would and got straight into it! She thoroughly assessed the horse and had the patience to analyse 2 of my current saddles and make them work 4 now!Anthea totally sold me on Citori saddles with logical and thorough explanations but was not pushy at all.

cherylscott(2121 positive feedback) Thu 04 Apr

Was in despair a few years ago , things had not been going well and I had booked Anthea on recommendation of a friend. Then I got bucked off on the road 2 weekends in a row, fortunately, she turned up shortly after and very quickly assessed the situation and which saddle, towels etc were required, and encouraged me not to sell the horse yet! The St Lourdes GP was the right one for us and things have steadily improved, no more bucking, happy horse, and his back is a much better shape. :-)

liz4548(268268 positive feedback)Address Verified May 2013 Wed 03 Apr

I can’t say enough about the superb knowledge and solution Anthea has had with both my horse and me, without a correct saddle fitting with Citori I would never have got to where I am today with a new horse and understanding her shape and comfort. Yay for Anthea, and I absolutely love my St Lourdes eventing saddle. Horse and rider both feel very special.

bud2009(77 positive feedback)Address Verified May 2013 Tue 02 Apr

Great service. Since Anthea fitted my new Citori saddle my horse is so much more free in his shoulder. He feels like a different horse and has so much more ping in his trott. Now we can start to build some muscle. Anthea’s after sales service is great. Thanks so much for your time and expertise, Anthea.

strumpet1(235235 positive feedback) Tue 02 Apr

Fabulous service from Anthea. Does a thorough job, fully explains throughout the saddle fitting process. I would not hesitate to recommend Antheas saddle fitting and the Citori saddles. All my horses do very well in Antheas saddles, nice toplines no muscle wastage and will stand still for their saddles. I wont use anyone else as the proof is in the pudding. I have happy horses. I would recommend anyone to use Antheas saddling system.

costerzoo(1919 positive feedback) Thu 28 Mar

i now have 6 citori saddles they are used every day by my family and myself. i train a lot of horses, form 11 hh ponys to 16hh warm bloods and antheas saddles fit the lot.My 4 year old grand daughter has just receded her new saddled and it is a beautiful wee saddle. Anthea is always there with helpful tips and advice. she offers every body this help with her saddle fitting service. i could’nt be more happy with her service

macssaddlery(2929 positive feedback)Address Verified May 2013 Wed 27 Mar

Thk u Anthea,4 yet another gr8 saddle fitting.Yr passion 4 excellent results 4 both horse and rider is really appreciated.Thk you also, 4 being so willing 2 share yr extensive knowledge & experience. Yr saddles, when correctly fitted 2 horse & rider, improve movement, balance, posture & comfort 4 both horse & rider.We really value what yr input has achieved 4 us. What u cover in yr saddle fitting clinics should b common knowledge 4 every saddle fitter & horse owner!Looking 4ward 2 yr next visit.

psv7(307307 positive feedback)Address Verified Jan 2013 Wed 27 Mar

Anthea is very knowledgeable and she provided me with the perfect saddle for my big crossbred that I was having trouble getting a saddle to fit. Anthea stays in touch and her after sales service is second to none in my estimation, and believe me I am extremely picky and a sales persons worst nightmare! Well Done Anthea and see you soon!

hareyd(215215 positive feedback) Tue 26 Mar

Yet another glowing review. Anthea travelled the length of the country to extend her saddle fitting service that she provides with every saddle she sells, even though in this case I only bought a cheaper well loved saddle. She was endlessly patient and extended her wealth of knowledge irrespective of whether she was going to make a sale. I can’t recommend her or her saddles enough. Thank you Anthea.

gurteen.stud(118118 positive feedback)Address Verified Nov 2013 Tue 18 Sep

Won’t buy through anyone else other then Anthea! Very professional and the knowledge that is given is pricelesss. The improvement in my horses proformance has been massive. Thanks so much!

mandi008(230230 positive feedback) Fri 03 Aug