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Phone Anthea: 09 408 5728 027 66 88888 Email: info@citorisaddles.co.nz Citori Saddles Ltd is owned and operated by Anthea Burton.  Anthea has over 15 years’ experience with saddle design and saddle fitting, servicing New Zealand nationwide.

Trade Mark

Our Logo and name Citori are both Trade Marked (™)


All our Articles, Material, Reports, Information, Photographs, or other; are protected under the Copyright Act 1994.  These may not be copied, printed; in full or part without our express permission. Citori Saddles with their unique design and fit, allow the horse significant freedom of movement. This enables the horse to be ridden in comfort, usually bringing about improvements in muscle condition, performance, movement, work attitude and behaviour. Most horses under a correctly fitting Citori Saddle usually show a marked improvement, while allowing the rider a natural correct position of balance.

Citori Saddle System

Our Saddling Fitting System, Monitoring System, Padding System, and Redevelopment programme are our own design to address, what we consider, the many short falls within the industry. We are not affiliated with any other saddlers’ association. Citori Saddles are designed to work with our Saddling System for horses that are asymmetrical or have muscle atrophy.   The Saddling System allows for redevelopment, enabling the horse to regain and maintain a natural back shape. Citori Saddles and Accessories are manufactured in New Zealand, Australia, South America, and Europe.

Citori Saddles Imports

Our exclusive handmade saddles are manufactured to meet our specifications and/or designs. They are available in stock size, or by arrangement “Special Fit” which are alterations to our standard sizing. Models Citori: Pony Modena GP Standard or Turnout, Pony D’oll Dressage/Show Saddle, Adult Modena GP Standard or Turnout, D’oll Dressage, Dirk Demeersman SJ Saddle and Eventing Saddle. Sizes Pony sizes range from 14” to 16.5”.  Adult sizes range from 17” to 19” The Sprung Tree is manufactured in multi-laminated wood, shaped by heat and strengthened by iron strips, which makes the tree resistant and flexible. A strict control of the measurements and the tree’s symmetry are the basis to achieving perfection in our saddles. Gullets Range in size from Med to XXX Wide and are adjustable via one of our saddlers. The Leather is Argentine leather of an extremely high quality, offered in different types and colours, with a variety of colour combinations for the piping and stitching. The Panels and Block are manufactured in polyurethane foam in either a hard, medium or soft density by using a combination of chemicals to achieve excellence in comfort and performance for the horse and rider. Option ForWool Panels is natural long combed pure wool. Accessories We are able to offer a range of accessories to match your saddle, stirrup leathers, girths and saddle blankets.


We offer a range of services nationwide.


A full Saddle Fitting Assessment is available for any brand of saddle, and recommended if you purchase a Citori Saddle. You are given a copy of your assessment notes. The Assessment Fee is credited back when purchasing any new Citori Saddle.


We offer full support for existing clients who require a follow up assessment for their saddle fit, or have a horse that is under our Citori Saddling System or Redevelopment Programme. You are given a copy of your reassessment notes. Please contact us for an information pack showing service costs for your area.

Citori Trade-Ins

We offer a 50% minimum trade-in toward the purchase of a new Citori saddle, providing the trade-in saddle is less than 2 years old and is in good condition.  Please contact us for our Terms and Conditions.

Sell On Behalf Of

We would be happy to sell your Citori Saddle on your behalf.  Please contact us for our Terms and Conditions.

Citori Saddles Insurance Claims

We are able to appraise damaged saddles, supply valuation reports for stolen or damaged saddles, and assist you with your insurance claim. Please contact us for assistance.


 Payment In Full At Time Of Purchase We offer a cash discount, or free accessories, for payment in full at the time of purchase. Pay as You Ride Interest Free We offer repayment terms of 3 to 24 months, enabling you to spread the cost of the saddle purchase over a repayment period to suit.


We have many happy clients with Citori saddles who have benefited greatly from ours services.

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If you have any queries, or would like an information pack, please do not hesitate to contact us. Anthea Burton Citori Saddles Ltd Email:info@citorisaddles.co.nz Phone:  (09) 408 5728 Mobile: 027 66 88888