Horse Clinics

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When you book a Citori Saddle Clinic this what we will show you: Your horse’s back: assessed and explained..

  • Muscle wastage: how to recognise and correct it..
  • Current saddles: how they are fitted.. Your horse’s movement: assessed and explained..
  • Sweat marks: understanding what they mean..
  • The New Citori Saddle: what it can do for you..
  • Improve your horse’s movement: we show you how.. Recovery programme: if required..
  • Private or small groups..

Assessment will take up to 1 hour per horse, or 3 hours for a group of 5 horses. A small flat area is required to work the horse. We provide our clients with a complete back up service and supply as much support and assistance as they need. The Citori Saddling System has been designed to help you understand the ever-changing shape of the horse‘s back. We show you how to identify and correct saddle-related problems. Some of these problems may be: unnatural hoof growth and wear; wasted, damaged and or poor muscle development; unnatural movement; poor performance; behavioural problems while being saddled or ridden. These problems are often caused by previous injuries, discomfort and/or restriction imposed upon the horse being ridden as he tries to cope with an ill-fitting saddle. Citori Saddles with their unique design and fit, allow the horse significant freedom of movement. This enables the horse to be ridden in comfort, usually bringing about improvements in muscle condition, performance, work attitude and behaviour. Horses under a correctly fitting Citori Saddle usually show a marked improvement, while allowing the rider a natural, correct and balanced position.

“When Contacting me there is some information I need to know..”

  • YOUR ADDRESS: Where can I assess your horse? We need an area about the size of an arena.
  • YOUR PHONE NUMBER: I may need to advise you of arrival times, etc. Also one other contact phone number please.
  • ANY OTHER INFORMATION: Anything with regard to your horse that may be helpful. What type of riding do you do? Your horse’s age? Height? Any history of lameness?
  • NUMBER OF HORSES TO BE ASSESSED: Some horses require more time than others do. I endeavour to allow one hour per horse, or three hours for a group of 5 horses.
  • COST: Please contact us, as this depends on what area you live in and how many horses are to attend the clinic.
  • FRIEND OR COLLEAGUE: It is a good idea to bring a companion that can be of assistance to you, to help watch, to saddle up a second horse, or you may want your friend to ride your horse so you can view his movement, etc.

Many Thanks, Anthea For enquires and bookings contact Anthea Burton